There are some things that other video courses even the one's that cost hundreds completely left out... things that even the “experts” did not know...
...like this example of a scrolling invisible pop-in with embedded transparent video. If you scroll that page the pop-in will follow you as you scroll down the page. That is just one of the dozens of effects you can create with what I am about to reveal. Click here to see another high quality example of a video effect we shot here in my studio with an actor for a client. What I said in the video on this page was true. I was obsessed with figuring out how to do transparent videos and various effects using them like the invisible pop-in effect and the scrolling video...

“...thank you for saving us about $8,500 USD and a whole heap of time.”

Hi Josh Just wanted to say a big thank you for saving us about $8,500 USD and a whole heap of time. We just got your walk on video effect tutorial. I had seen this when I went to an info summit where I was picking up and award. Anyway the marketer who was using it said he had a times 3 jump in sign ups when he used that technique. So it was on my list of things to do. But for us that meant either flying to California, which I would not mind but also investing a lot of time and effort, not to mention the money. Our other option was to green screen here and then send stuff and it would have cost us $3,500 for two walk on videos and we need at least 6. With the trick and tips you sent us wham, we have everything we need. Again Awesome Stuff... Regards, George Slater www.the-web-master.com
“So lets talk about the value of that one effect...”
To make my discovery I tested thousands of dollars worth of software, called, emailed, and private messaged piles of programmers, developers, business owners, and video producers, poured through help files, forums, articles, tutorials, etc and all I came up with was a clue hinting at a line of code and a realization that I had the tools to do it if I could just figure it out. Honestly, it really should not have taken me that long to discover and I cannot tell you why it was so hard. I also cannot explain why the very software that I use to create the transparent video effect does not have instructions on it in their help files nor does it provide the code necessary to make it work. These are things that are known by the true experts, flash developers, and high end web site media producers but just not shared in plain english. One day I stumbled upon a good part of the answer but the way that developer made it work required a totally flash based web page. Most people do not know how to program in flash and flash based sites suck for search engines so I definitely needed to find a way to embed my effect and make it happen on an html based site. Even after I finally figured out the transparent video effect and how to embed it on a page I still needed to find some transparent pop-in software that would help me create the advanced effect I wanted. I found software that looked like it might help me achieve that effect and contacted the owner. It took he and I an additional couple days of emails back and forth before he discovered the little tweak and line of code needed to make it all work which he gave to me. He was pretty excited too because he immediately saw the value that my transparent video effect combined with his invisible pop-in and the small tweak we came up with to make it all work would provide to his clients.
“How much is this knowledge worth?”

Example #1

What I am going to share with you is the key technology that drives the business model of www.LiveFaceOnWeb.com they charge almost $300 for just 15 seconds of video and up to $3,000 for a couple minutes of video.

Example #2

It is also the key to producing transparent video that can be used with Transparent Player Our Ground Breaking direct response, web-video technology. This same technology has been used by our clients to deliver hundreds of millions of transparent video views across the web.

Example #3

Armand Morin paid thousands of dollars to one company to simulate this "walk on" effect in just one video for his Big Seminar sales letter a couple years back. The company then proceeded to take him to the cleaners and charge him even more in over priced bandwidth fees for the play his video. This is what inspired Armand to learn how to simulate this effect himself the next year in his big seminar header. It also inspired his partner Rick and himself to simulate the transparent video effect to create "white background" videos that make the person look like they are sitting on the web page. itself when they speak using nothing more than an over lit (overexposed) white background. I noticed a purchase for this package come through from Armand Morin. He knows the value of this effect ;-)
“The Secret of the Effect I Share is the Real Thing”
You will notice that I use the word "simulation" from time to time to describe some attempts at this effect. I am describing videos that "simulate" the true transparent flash video effect by simply keying out the background using a blue or green screen and replacing it with an image the same color or pattern as the background on the page they are embedding it in to match it up. I will show you how to simulate the effect also but more importantly:

I will actually show you how to make videos with completely transparent backgrounds that you can literally pop up on, embed in, place on top of, or layer over any part of your web page.

I will also show you how to embed video in transparent pop-in's that you can place in your page with a variety of effects and controls including the very effective scroll follow feature that keeps your video in front of your prospect as they scroll through your web site The truth is that there are literally hundreds of video and web production companies that charge thousands of dollars to provide these services. So if others are so obsessed with this effect that they are willing to pay thousands just to have it done for them... ...what is it worth to you to find out how you can quickly and easily create this effect for your self or clients as often as you want?
“Creating it is The Easy Part and Discovering How Was The Hard Part... But Not Any More!”
One of my pet peeves is when I get a training video and the creator starts with some 10 minute monologue on the history of whatever. With this package you wont run into that problem. I am not going to bore you with philosophy I am going to inspire you with 100% power filled content. You will not need to skim the information I provide because I have purposefully made it as concise and value packed as possible. I keep finding myself digging through courses just to find the useful info. I promise I wont waste a minute of your time. I am going to give you the meat without the milk. Pure cut-to-the-chase "this is how you do it..." passing my knowledge to you content. I get phone calls and emails every day from top marketers who want to know various things about web audio and video. "Experts" even come to film in my studio Click Here to see a rough clip I shot from my digital camera of Russell Brunson and the crew from DotComSecrets Inc. filming in my studio. I mostly do filming for myself and my own business but I have also shot web video for Doctors, Educators, and Internet Marketers on occasion. Here is an example of the kind of training videos you will have access to:
Here are a few of the things you will discover:
Three snippets of code to copy and paste into your web page. that make flash video alpha channels transparent (like the effect at the top of this page) Step by Step Video showing you how to edit, save, and convert, and embed alpha channels (transparent video effect) in your flash videos. Step by Step Video on How to create invisible unblockable, cross browser compatible pop-ins that you can embed transparent videos in with a number of different effects including drop in, slide in, bounce, fade in, and best of all scroll follow so that your video is always in front of your prospect! Plus a secret line of code you need to make invisible pop-ins with transparent video effects work. Step by Step Video on How to build pro soft box lamps, lighting arrays, lamp stands, frameworks all using parts from local hardware and home improvement stores on a shoestring budget. Video examples and step by step instructions that will literally save you hundreds of dollars on professional lighting. Tips, instructions and diagrams on how to properly light video... I actually had a professional video producer who has worked for CNN, PBS, BBC, and the Discovery Channel write a special report on lighting specially for this package... you can see a sample video he produced for me at my new site: www.nanacast.com How to build chromakey sets the right way for special effects and full body walk in videos using nothing more than inexpensive parts from the hardware store with, paint, paper, or fabric. Three essential things you must consider before purchasing a video camera. If you know these things it could save you from wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying the wrong camera. Microphones and other accessories... where to find the best deals and how to decide what you need. I have literally saved thousands with these tips and you can too. Plus... you will get exclusive access to updates, tips, tricks, and freebies via the members only newsletter.

Testimonials for the "Greatest Web Video Effect Ever" just keep rolling in:

"Hi Josh, you should charge more. You are leaving money on the table. I guarantee it. I was expecting to pay $97 or whatever." Patrick Cash --- "I just got it.. Man! This is a steal for what you offer." John Delavera www.JohnDelavera.com --- "Sweeeeet! I'm still watching the tutorial, but it's so detailed and simple that I can follow the directions easily. Good job!" TL Caroll --- "Hi Josh, Great offer! I got your email the other day about it coming, so I've been anxious to see it released!" Debbie Hamstead --- "Great deal Josh, I think the bonus on how to edit sound with Audacity is worth it alone for me as I am starting to use this program more and more in my business." Sully C. --- Paid and watching now. GREAT STUFF! Adeel Chowdhry www.ispyauctionriches.com --- "Hi Josh, As I'm a lot into video promotion I could not resist.. this effect ROCKS! i have watched the material it's a great product. You could have charged the double for all the work and research you have put on it." Barbara Smith --- "I cannot believe how cheap you are selling this for. This will work great on some e-commerce sites I am working on! Thanks Josh! Awesome! And get some help man, see a psychiatrist or something your really letting this info go for way too cheap man!" Miguel Simoes --- "I bought this earlier today for the low price of $37, which, in my book, was an absolute bargain and if I were you, I'd jump on this immediately. Josh has clearly laid out how to produce the "Greatest Video Effect Ever" in easy to understand written steps and video tutorials. As a matter of fact, everything is so clear, my partner and I will have our video studio set up by next week to begin production of these types of videos." Thanks, Josh! All the best, MW www.professionalheadertemplates.com --- Josh, You seriously under priced your instructional package. Excellent, helpful, and does not assume I know anything. Good Job! Phyllis Staff --- "Quality info - excellent price. Thank you Josh." Roger Davis --- Josh, what a great deal! I came across this effect a few months back and thought "Wow. how do they do that?", now you make my day by not only coming up with the answer but at such a low price that buying is a no brainer! Thanks Josh! Jim Stewart --- I just bought that video effect training... Unbelievable! Wow! Thank you so much! I was going to hire some assistance in decoding how the process was done, and was going to even buy one of the infomercials for analysis. ...and here you did it long ago. You've saved me so much time. I need to learn from you. Please keep me notified of all your products, ideas, and opportunities. Steven Mathern --- Josh! Dude, I was sold on this the first time I saw people walking on the screen! I seriously attracted this since I have been really getting into video lately and just want to say thank you for making this! Steve Schuitt www.goldminevideo.com --- Hi Josh, Thanks for a great deal. Really easy to follow instructions and good quality ! Habby Dhillon --- Thanks for this GREAT VIDEO package. I was blown away. Fantastic Value - Unbelievable low price. Lawrence Bethel www.precisionemedia.com
I have paid as much as $800 for a course only because I thought it would teach me the "Greatest Web Video Effect Ever" (Nothing else in the course was new to me) and I was severely disappointed when I discovered it was not there. That is how obsessed I was personally with discovering this much sought after and valuable knowledge. If you are here on this site reading these words you fall into one of two categories... Either you have been searching for this answer like someone lost in a parched desert searching for water or you just followed a rainbow here and found the pot of gold at the end...
"Because I Can. That's Why!"
I am going to literally give you my knowledge and show you how you can create this effect for your own web sites or you can even make money producing these type of videos for others simply because I can. I literally begged and offered to pay hundreds of dollars to others for months trying to get someone to show me how. But no one stepped forward.... I am not going to charge you hundreds of dollars (I should) despite what it cost me to make these discoveries on my own. You will not have to learn by purchasing tools and courses you don't need or by trial and error. I spent weeks of research, filming, and writing to compile this knowledge for you into the simple "this is how you do it" format you will discover in the members area. So "because I can" I am going to allow you to get instant access to this package for the price of a cheap dinner for two. I will be adding more to this package and you will get all the bonuses and updates at the low price if you act now. I plan on adding a lot to this package and charging much much more later. After months of searching the web like a madman for this information and only finding a bit here and a bit there I feel quite satisfied and glad I obtained it. I know thousands of others wish they felt that way right now but they don't know where to find the package you have just stumbled upon...
Discover EVERYTHING You Need to Know in One Place to Create the Transparent Flash Video Effect.
This information will open floods of ideas in your mind enabling you to create all the variations and cool effects of the "Greatest Web Video Effect" that you can dream of.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Number One

I Personally Guarantee Your Satisfaction or You Get Your Money Back. If for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied with your purchase just let me know within 30 days and I will refund your money. Plain and Simple.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Number Two

You won't find any filler of fluff in this package. I will give you everything you need to know to create the Greatest Web Video Effect Ever.
“So Josh, can you make the deal any sweeter than it already is? How about some bonuses?”
Ok since you asked for them here are a couple bonuses:

Bonus #1

13 comprehensive step by step training videos on audio editing, music mixing, and layering showing you how to create killer web site audio tracks and background music layers with Audacity (the best free audio editing software available). Click here to listen to an example of the kind of audio you will be able to learn how to produce.

Bonus #2

For those of you who just want someone to encode chromakey (green or blue screen) videos that you have filmed and provide you the code to embed transparent videos and pop-in effects in your web site I will offer a limited discount service. As my schedule permits you can pay me to get the job done for you or a client at a severe discount.
Are you are ready to find out everything you need to know in order to be able to create the greatest web video effect ever? Do not forget to click "Return to Merchant" on the confirmation page. I don't plan on giving this information away for pennies for long. I may choose to raise the price at any time without notice so lock it in now while you can. Sincerely, Josh Anderson - Web media development junkie and mad scientist President, Internet Business Ideas Inc.
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