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How to Create Transparent "Alpha Channel" Video Effects

Watch the training videos below in the multi video player.

Special tips for trouble shooting : If you run into a problem where your alpha channel is not being properly encoded (you will know this if your video still shows checkers after you embed it on your webpage) then try using 32 bit output when exporting from ultra instead of the 24 bit I suggested in the Serious Magic Ultra 2 (and Ultra CS3) software video tutorial which is number 2 in the player below.

Also do not forget to select "encode alpha channel" in the advanced settings of Flash pro video encoder. That too can cause the issue above.

When a video is properly encoded but you have not adapted the html code properly the video will not be checkered but instead the alpha channel part of the video will be solid white until you get the html correct.

Those are three small tips for identifying and solving common mistakes and missed steps with the video itself.

Other times if your video is not showing up at all the issue will be one of the following:

1. Make sure you upload all the supporting files including both swf files, the flv file, your html page and the supporting .js file and the folder called Scripts that is created by dreamweaver 8 or CS3 when embedding a video using the dreamweaver players as I have explained in the tutorial.

2. Make sure you have not made any mistakes or skipped any steps in the html code that you adapted following the tips in my code snippets pdf.

3. Make sure all your file paths are correct in both the html and the .js file pointing to the supporting files. By default these paths will all be correct unless you have moved a file. Sometimes I like to use absolute (http://...) urls if I ever run into a file path problem.

4. Double check the steps in the tutorials. If you follow them correctly you will achieve the result. Every time a student had run into a stumbling block it has been solved by going back and reviewing the instructions again and by using the suggestions above.

Most who follow the instructions to the T get it right the first time... but it took me a lot of tests to get everything pefected so that I could supply you with this training which provides the exact steps, nothing missing, to achieve the "transparent effect."

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